I’m on Etsy!

I decided to take a chance and put some of my better images for sale on Etsy.

Check it out!

Etsy.com is a site for people to sell pretty much anything homemade or created. Such fun! If you’ve never been to the site before you should look around. I once found a set of really fun dresser knobs that I LOVED. Alas, they weren’t in the budget. What random hand-crafted goodies can you find?


Wednesday morning I was awakened early to help clear the driveway of a foot of snow along with my sister. My dad was already out there with the snow blower, but we have a big driveway. As I was throwing piles of the white fluffy stuff over my shoulder I thought to myself, “What a wonderful morning! Everyone should do this at least once a year!” Aha. an idea for a list of ten. so here they are, ten things I think everyone should do at least once a year.

1. shovel a foot of snow off the driveway. i mean, come on! It’s exhilarating when you live in a climate that doesn’t actually get a foot of snow once a year to wake up early and watch the sun rise while you’re doing some good-old-fashioned hard work πŸ˜€

2. lay in a hammock. it’s the antithesis of #1. Sunshine or shade whichever you prefer. Relaxing and swaying in the breeze. When I lived in Germany, I had a hammock on my balcony and I loved to listen to the sounds of a small town while taking a nap.

3. spend a whole day outside somewhere gorgeous.

4. hold a baby.

5. rake a pile of leaves and then jump in them with carefree abandon.

6. get lost. I’m not being rude, I’m saying take off with a destination in mind but no real clear way on how to get there and just let the roads lead you where they may πŸ˜€

7. learn something new. whether it’s got to change a tire or how to knit (or something even more obscure) conquer new territory in your mind.

8. pick fruit off a tree or bush and eat it. right there. don’t wash it.

9. get pictures printed. i know. i like photographs a whole lot. but a photo on a computer is just not the same as one on paper πŸ™‚ (oh, and then put it in an album or scrapbook because…)

10. get out old photo albums and waste a few hours (or a whole day) looking through them. remember the good times, old friends and family that have made you who you are.

Facebook is going through a phase where everyone posts a note listing 25 random facts about themselves, and my friendΒ  commented that it seemed more like “Janet’s advice to enjoy life.” maybe it was. but i feel like that would also be a very accurate title for this list as well.

last year seems like such a long time ago. tonight i was curious what was happening in my life around this time last year, so i checked my pictures. and on this day last year,

dsc_1454I let the girls curl my hair and do my makeup. Fun times! and I miss them 😦


top-ten-111tulips in the keukenhof in the Netherlands.

top-ten-13market day: Freiburg

top-ten-14Alsace, France

top-ten-15Indiana wheat

top-ten-16chasing a rabbit at sunset

top-ten-17Grandpa πŸ™‚

top-ten-18Summit Lake State Park

top-ten19nephew and brother-in-law

top-ten-20smartest 3 year old I’ve ever met.

this concludes round 2 of the top 10 photos of 2008. which one is your favorite?

When I’m home in the evening I watch wheel of fortune and Jeopardy with my family. (Jeopardy is more favorite) Tonight, I was very excited for the guy who won (because I’m hyper). He won $41,000! which is a lot for that show.

Here’s 10 things that I’d do with the money:

1. buy a house really cheap. they’re going for less than $10,000 around indianapolis. I figure it’s a good investment, and I can have my dad help me fix it up and then I won’t live at home!

2. go to Ikea. I’d have to furnish it, you know πŸ™‚

3. buy a few new lenses for my camera. nothing TOO fancy, just a few to experiment with and get me started in the field of professional photography.Β  like this one and this one.Β  oh. heck, might as well buy the nikon d80 while i’m at it.

4. take a trip down to Lubbock Texas to visit my friend Rose, and be “brainwashed” by Lauren Clark.

5. I don’t plan on spending all of it. A good deal will go into a savings account, of course πŸ™‚

6. a chunk will go towards my sister Hannah’s and mine (and possibly some others) trip to Greece after she graduates.

7. but first sister Bob and I are going out west on a road-trip πŸ˜€

8. I think I would sponsor another child.

9. I’ll get my car fixed. New tires, muffler, etc. I don’t need a new one. πŸ˜€

10.Β  I’d get a YMCA membership πŸ™‚

wahoo. yay for pretending I have a bunch of money. Now back to the real world πŸ™‚

So, as promised, here are my favorite 10 photos that I took in 2008. Actually, it’s a cross between my favorite photos and the best photos.


So, actually this was taken a few days before 2008, but it’s a favorite anyway!

top-ten-21aww. one of my favorite places mid-winter.

top-ten-31So, this is one of my favorites of a favorite day of taking pictures of the girls. It was “national day” and she is from Russia. (hence the hat)


top-ten-5Marseilles again. ( also best sunset of 2008 )

top-ten-6this one just makes me smile.

top-ten-7late February. FAVORITE flowers.

top-ten-8that’s a ladybug in her hand, and check out those beautiful blue eyes!

top-ten-9ach. my heart aches to take this walk again!

top-ten-10as you can see, i have a thing for trees!

Well, there you are the first half of my top 10 favorite photos from 2008 πŸ˜€

today’s list

Yay! New blogs are SO fun!! I decided earlier this year that I wanted to make myself a new blog. Voila. New Blog.

My inspiration for this particular blog? I ran across a photographers list of his top 10 photos from 2008.

Best of 2008

He got a whole group of photographers to pick their favorites from 2008, and I thought it sounded like a great idea. However, my brain went off and abducted the idea for my new blog.

So, this year at least, will be filled with lists of 10. Starting with my to-do list for today:

actually, it’s more like optional activities for today’s unscheduled hours πŸ™‚
1. make a new blog!
2. reload old photos onto computer
3. send e-mails i’ve been procrastinating on
4. clean my room (let’s play a game and count how many times will that show up on to-do lists this year?)
5. work on the small-group announcement for next week.
6. practice some photoshop techniques.
7. make valentine’s cards
8. exchange gifts (what can i say? I’m a procrastinator, and i need lists to help me remember….)
9. Write a letter!
10. put together information for the small group leaders meeting.

up next should be my top 10 photos from 2008, stay tuned!