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oh by the way.

was my FAVORITE song when I was little.

Also, my old blog is back. I guess it’s not the “old” blog. It’s a new one. A photography one. But at the old address. Check. it. out.



not really. it’s just makeup. but thanks anyway Joy. (btw I really do have a black eye. It just wasn’t impressive enough in the long run, so I spruced it up a little.)

and their blueberry scones.


This recipe is a bit complicated, but it’s totally worth it! I’m having trouble copying and pasting the recipe in here, so I’ll leave you with the important bits that set this recipe apart from the others.

For starters, I had to grate frozen butter which was kinda fun (except when I grated it so hard i slammed my hand into the counter), and then freeze it again. It eventually gets tossed in the dry ingredients.

Then, istead of a lot of kneeding or stirring, it’s rolling and folding to keep it light and fluffy.

The blueberries aren’t stirred in. They’re pressed into the dough, and then the dough is rolled and pressed and cut.

The final touches are topping the ready-to-bake scones with melted butter and sugar. Makes ’em glittery and festive.

The only real downer about these–the recipe only makes 8!

Oh, and here’s my cute nephew.


I’m sure he’d love a scone. But he’s not old enough to appreciate them!


will eating feta for every meal make you sick?

I know lots of people are excited about the warm temperatures and the snow all melting, but the jury is still out in my head over whether this is a good thing. Don’t you all realize that it’s going to be wet for days after melting 16inches of snow? plus it’s supposed to rain this weekend? The ground will be soaked for days!

On another note, my sister introduced me to a fun blog this week called Pioneer Woman. It’s photography, cooking, and remodeling the guest house at her ranch. So if you’re interested in any of those things, give her a “look see.” She is constantly giving away prizes; yesterday, I entered to win a kitchenaid mixer, but so did 20,000 other people! That is a crazy popular blog!

I also found a funny clip on her website of her son trying to pronounce “juice bag.” HAHAHA.

Oh, and I just realized she’s been nominated for something like 6 “bloggies” Check it out and maybe you’ll find some more blogs that you like!

So, I was really excited about this project, and I guess I still am. However, the procrastinator in me has risen like cream, and I want to be doing ANYTHING* else!! Such as.

1. laundry (well, actually that can wait till later)

2. TAKING PICTURES (I got a new lens, and I’m thrilled out the wazoo. seriously, I haven’t been this giddy since I got my computer. technology is my friend. Plus, I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the “new camera, dumb photos” phenomenon, but it goes something like this, “WOW. This is SO cool. Look how I can take pictures of the lady’s hair who is sitting in front of me. or my FOOT. WOW HOW COOL DOES MY FOOT LOOK NOW.” don’t worry. I know they’re lame and will delete them later.)

3. cleaning off my desk. (It’s a mess, and to some extent I need to tidy it up before I can work, but this is crunch time, stacking things on the floor will do :D)

4. making cupcakes. (I just saw a picture of some in another blog. and I LOVE cupcakes. besides, I’m got the lemon scones routine down, and I’m sad to say I’m getting bored. I need more variety- Cupcakes it is!)

5. read other blogs. (I’m a little obsessive, and when I find a fun new blog I like to go back and read ALL of the old posts. I CANNOT STOP MYSELF)

6. organizing my book shelves. (I did half of them a few months ago, and now that I’ve rearranged my room, I have some inspiration for the second half to be done. I guess some other time.)

7. read Robinson Crusoe. (It’s this months book club selection, and I’m only in the 3rd chapter.)

8. hang out with my favorite little ones. (my nephew and the little ones I babysit for bring me so much joy and remind me to play and be goofy.)

9. eating pancakes. (for no particular reason. i’m hungry, and I think pancakes would be the best thing right about now.)

10. watch yesterday’s episode of burn notice. (USA Network rocks my face off. The first time I saw Jeffrey Donovan when he played Jarod’s creepy brother, Kyle,  in the Pretender. {best show ever! “are you a doctor?~ I am today.} but he’s even better in this do-good spy comedy with Gabrielle Anwar (FI) who possibly would rank in the top ten list of characters I think would be fun to portray. but that list is for another day.)

*Capitalization is brought to you by JESSI NAGEL who ispires all of my capital letters.*